Samsung announces $ 300 million investment in standalone cars


Samsung announces $ 300 million investment in standalone cars:

South Korean giant company will join the IT companies in the project of standalone are market. Samsung also announced to invest of $ 300 million for the development of autonomous technology.

Company Samsung also created a new business unit segment, which will inside Harman, the audio technology company it bought last year for $ 8 billion.

Samsung set their new goal with initiative to make a platform which will able to create autonomous manufacturer in their standalone cars, which help to run from the entertainment system to standalone steering ability itself.

CEO of Harman Dinesh Paliwal said in interview with Bloomberg “Our market is literally screaming to say ‘We love Mobile eye, but we need an open platform. Competition is the best thing possible. The auto industry wants us to do it and we think we have the power and the power to do it”.

It’s worth nothing that investments comes in just two week after the Samsung receive a permit from the California Department of Traffic to set stand alone vehicles in the US state.

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