Red introduces new 8K camera that costs $ 80K


Red introduces new 8K camera that costs $ 80K:

Red recently announced this week about its new product, which will capable to record a videos at 8K resolution also with 60fps (frame per second). It named as Monster Call 8K VV, according to Engadget novelty is 8K sensor which will sold with this existing camera product, this creating a Monster 8K VV.

The new Monster 8K resolution is far from the hottest thing in the new Red product ever, which will cost of $ 79,500 at startup. According to company it is aimed to design this product to use it professionally, with its video monster quality it also able to take picture at 35 MP.

Company will make its new device which available for anyone who is in waiting list to buy their now-dead Dragon 8K sensor. And it the early of 2018 company will also make available new product for pre-sale for general public. You can check the trailer of new Dragon 8K sensors on YouTube.

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