Promotion: sells Kindle with $ 80 off this week


Promotion: sells Kindle with $ 80 off this week:

Another promotion come in Brazil from Amazons, company offer a discount of 80 reais in e-reader and up to 80% of discount in e-book, happens in Kindle week.

Offer will end on 24 of September, offer include basic Kindle for $ 219 reais and Paper-white with illuminated screen for 400 reais instead of buying it usual price 480 reais. Purchase can be split up to 12 times without interest. Despite this company also discount on Classic Sunshine for everyone $ 12.90, the Exemplary girl for $ 8.97 and the acclaimed The Universe in a Bark of Noah by Stephen Hawking for just 11.37 reais.

Also this in the honor of anniversary of George RR Martin on 20th company offers many other titles from the creator of Game of Thrones with special discounts. For more update and to check Kindle week offers go to link , for kindle week go to .

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