Promotion: offers Kindle and discounted books


Promotion: offers Kindle and discounted books:

Amazon started on 17/8 Thursday the annual promotion of Book Friday in very discounts rates on the e-readers, physical books and e-books. According to Amazons e-reader and printed book and digital book are in discount up to 80% off. This offer is valid only for the one day after the company reveal this news, Kindle models are off up to 80 reais off and about 35,000 digital and printed books are on 80% off from its original price.

Basic Kindle have reduced price of 300 reais to 220 reais, on other hand Kindle Paperwhite with illuminated screen have reduced price of 480 reais to 400 reais in the last of this week. According to the Amazons anyone who buys Kindle Book on Friday will also get a free unlimited subscription to kindle. This is for the first time that Amazons providing promotion also with the offers from other partner’s stores. It is giving 1.6 million digital books for sell on original prices, and for promotion of company the total value is for % 2 for only three months and company facing leaves of 19.90 reais per month.

Printed books

Printed book that are available on 80% off during the discount promotion of Black Friday which is named as Potter collection, Daredevil, war of thrones, how to make friends, the Tale of Aia and Box harry potter. The entire printed book have discount according to their original prices.

Digital Books

Digital Books are also off on Black Friday discount promotion, in which digital book are Orange Mechanic, fifty shades of gray, the guilt of stars, city of ethereal, after you, the story of the world and box of birds are available on discount according to their original price rates.

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