‘Ok Google, What’s This Song?’ Feature Coming Soon to Google Assistant


‘Ok Google, What’s This Song?’ Feature Coming Soon to Google Assistant:

Here’s good news for Android users, in coming day they will be able to use any song without using shazam or other third party. Google released a feature “Ok Google” just like Siri of Apple. Just say Ok Google and what’s the song? Then it will give you result. This feature is available in Google Pixel Smartphone’s series which is planned to come in upcoming months. According to Google Police reports that “we have confirmed new Google Feature will also come to other android devices when Google assistant version add to them”. This new feature works when you ask a question about song and after that Google will get you to result despite this Google also offer service to play songs on it.

But we all have to wait for this feature confirmation, whether it come widely to Smartphone’s or just release in specific country. According to Google Brain Rakowski president said that “the always on song recognition feature is on new Pixel series but it won’t essential use to identify the song which is playing in background, it can search easily 10 thousand of song on your mobile library but doesn’t use too much space on device.

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