Nvidia unveils new generation of chips for fully autonomous cars


Nvidia unveils new generation of chips for fully autonomous cars:

On Tuesday 10, NVIDIA reveal it’s another powerful computer platform to power stand-alone cars. The new feature named as “Pegasus”, according to company the new feature can be use easily to pick Level 5 autonomous vehicles, and those cars considered as fully autonomous and which doesn’t require steering wheel nor pedal and mirrors too.

Pegasus takes as a part of 3rd generation of Drive PX Platform and to compared it predecessor technology which can deliver 10x more operation/sec in computing power. Despite this four artificial intelligence system in which two of them will state of the art SoCs Xavier with NVIDIA Volta GPUs which also supports Pegasus. According to NVIDIA the new chip takes less power compared with its predecessor. And it’s been mentioning that the currently autonomous cars which are under test have not been able to pass level 2 for autonomy and also under which law where they will be operated, for example in California new vehicle need a supervised by human driver when tested on public roads.

According to chip maker NVIDIA, about 25 automakers are working with this chip to develop the stand alone cars, taxi and trucks, and it’s been mentioning that Pegasus will be available for partners in the second half of 2018.

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