Nvidia launches training on – line for those interested in Deep Learning


Nvidia launches training on – line for those interested in Deep Learning:

Recently Nvidia is launched a platform for interested learning people that called online training and the platform called Deep Learning. This platforms held on the behalf of DLI Deep Learning Institute, in which course are available like hand-on training for developers, researcher and data scientists.

Course is conduct online from DLI in which include online instructor-led workshop and laboratories, for this student get helped online from DLI. Especially this is made for those students who want knowledge but they have no time for that and student may interest in development, training and application domains and may other field. Company said this platform will help students to explore themselves by using the open source framework with Nvidia deep learning system.

You can also further check the more knowledge about this platform from Nvidia official website

https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/deep-learning-ai/education/ .

Online classes available contains deep learning caffe, theano and torch, iamge segment with tensorflow, image classification with Nvidia digits and object detection with also Nvidia digit and amoung many others.

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