Nintendo will close the Wii Shop in January 2019


Nintendo will close the Wii Shop in January 2019:

News come from Nintendo Company on Friday 29/09, that it will close it online store Wii Shop on January 30, 2019. We all know about the Nintendo gaming console, company making new video gaming consol rival with other gaming console in market. According to company Nintendo originally launched at the end of 2006 it Wii online platform. In such type of cases it usually happens, Wii shop will gradually happen to catch anyone by surprise.

Another new for gamers that until March 26 they can add Wii points to their Wii points accounts, user can use it to purchase content until new store released on January 2019. Manufacture of Nintendo said that “User take the time to download content as quickly as they want for Wii U” so that online franchise may close.

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