New TVR sports car shows its face


New TVR sports car shows its face:


TVR has released an image of its first sports car in past week. According to some news said that it is powered by Cosworth-tuned V8, it will launch in September.

According to news the company has said that “we have done massive amounts of computer modeling on this. And also tested with water corrosion tests on new car”. Price of this car will cost $16,300. According to new company also revealed the images of car which tell you about the body and style of this new TVR car.

While the news is that it will come in September of 8 publically. And the new come from company that peoples are placing their pre-order and the amount is reached up to 200 orders. “Company has seen enough interest from people about new car” said by company in launching event of images of new TVR.

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