New robot that feeds dogs and cats arrives in Brazil for R $ 1,350


New robot that feeds dogs and cats arrives in Brazil for R $ 1,350:

New pet feeder has been announced by Petlove website which called “Hoison Electronic Baby Nurse Robot for Pet”. This robot allows user to program it, so robot can feed pet in time and diet. It is launched in Brazil market at Petlove virtual store and will available soon with the expected price of reais 1,350.

The new device used internet connection, so it’s easy for user to use it from everywhere from using company app which is available in iOS and playstore, user can make schedule time for robot, and it also includes a great sensor technology through this it tells you when feed is lacking. The storing size of this new robotic machine is 2 kg.

It has a feature of HD camera recording which is great for user to keep eye on their Pet when you are away from home and also you can store all the information using the app, app will store in app cloud that means you can easily access to your old and new information quickly. It comes with long lasting 2 batteries inside which help it to run at least 24 hour continuously.

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