With a new record, bitcoin’s market value reaches US $ 100 billion


With a new record, bitcoin’s market value reaches US $ 100 billion:

Last week, a single bitcoin hits record high of more than $ 6,000, pushing its market value to around $ 100 billion. If Bitcoin was company then, it would be the 73rd largest company in market by its value of $ 100 billion. Just to get idea the traditional American Express company is worth of $ 82 billion in the Dow Jones.

The currency has reached more than 500% this year alone, that is more than any other class of marketable assets. Well, the main features of crypto-currency is its high volatility, with also having recorded gains and losses up to 26% in one day. According to CoinDesk Platform, On Monday (23), a bitcoin is traded at $ 5,752.

The first time, encrypted currency has viewed as a form of investment to used as a basis for block chain applications, the technology that supports the currency in question.

The latest currency record strikes in many media outlets to call attention to the fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto, the nickname for the creator of bitcoin.

According to the site Quartz, Satoshi holds about 980,000 bitcoins, which could yield approximately 5.8 billion dollars and put him in the position of 247th richest person on the list of Forbes.

It is estimated that Satoshi owns about 5.89% of all bitcoins in the world. So far, there are over 16.6 million bitcoins in circulation.

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