New Lenovo Virtual Reality Headset Arrives in Brazil for $ 2,500


New Lenovo Virtual Reality Headset Arrives in Brazil for $ 2,500:

Lenovo announced about the launch of its new VR headset which is developed with Window Mixes Reality Technology and also have new feature compatibility with Fall Creators Updates of Window 10, and the device named as Lenovo Explorer, this device have glasses feature with built in motion sensors and dispense additional equipment like PCs and Smartphones, in short it allows greater use of mobility.

Company promise the great use of this device with gadget, user can travel it any where because of light weight 380 grams, User can check the activities by controlling the Xbox One Console from the Microsoft and also by using the Window 10 computer. Explorer features, computer should have i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage.

It will available in gray lead, the Explorer will have a expected cost of 2,500 reais in Brazil, where it can be purchased from Lenovo’s own online store and in partner retail chains.

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