New iPhone X account with 3GB of RAM and 2,716mAh battery


New iPhone X account with 3 GB of RAM and 2,716 mAh battery:

Apple didn’t release in China, that’s by the Tenaa a telecom regulator company make some changes with the setting of the newly release iPhone X. According to the On Leaks, it posted a tweet on Twitter in which is written, Tenna’s data Apple newest phone which come with 3GB RAM and 2716 mAh of battery. In the same event iPhone 8 also representing by the Apple which has also 3GB of RAM but the usually top line of Smartphone comes the 4GB of RAM.

iPhone X battery is slighty lower that iPhone 8 Plus (2691mAh). For top of line Smartphone is battery size isn’t enough for use, hardly it spend a whole day with twice of charge to iPhoneX, reason is App, and apps ruined the battery fastly.

According to company, they claim that iPhone X will spend 2 hour more form the battery of iPhone 7, well for the test people of china should have to wait to iPhoneX come to market. In US market it will come in November to make remaining test.

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