New iPhone could cost $1,000 , according to NYT


New iPhone could $1,000 of price , according to NYT:

The most waited smart phone of iPhone series iPhone 8 is expected to come in the last of this year. According to news “The New York Time” after the success of iPhone 7 it is expected that iPhone 8 will be most expansive mobile phone and it will bet all other running Smartphone’s.

American newspaper written in its article about iPhone, written that it will come at the starting price of $ 1,000, in US this will be the higher price of mobile phone ever.

In the announcement event in US, company reveals that it will launch three new iPhones in the month of September. According to some rumors news in the market that 2 of them will be the upgraded version of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus like change screen to infinite screen, with some new features like wireless charging and face recognition.

According to some news if iPhone launched iPhone 8 with the price of $ 1,000 and above from It, then market will enter in the new phase of higher prices of smart phones. On 23/8 other device of Samsung Note 8 will cost of pin pack about % 950 in American market.


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