New blow to WhatsApp has already affected more than 260,000 users in Brazil…!!!


According to PSafe company, coup promises false functionality that would offer the user the ability to view the people who have added it in the app

A new WhatsApp scam has deceived more than 260,000 users in Brazil by promising new fake functionality that would give the user the ability to activate an app function to view the people who have added it.

According to a company in security and mobile performance, the blow hits users of smartphones with Android operating system in the country.  

With the false promise, cybercriminals induce users to share fraud with friends and download applications that bring financial gain to the coup. Before accessing information, you are asked to share the link containing the fraud with ten friends and five different groups. From there, the user is directed to a page that induces the installation of other applications, which does not necessarily contain viruses. 

With each new application downloaded the hacker makes money. In this way, instead of having the false new WhatsApp function released, users only publicize the coup and are induced to install applications. 

Next, check out tips from PSafe security experts to keep your phone protected: 

1. Install and keep an Antivirus up to date. With a security app, the user can check whether the Wi-Fi network he is accessing is safe or not and still be alerted if he accesses malicious websites or downloads infected applications

2. Avoid clicking on links coming from messages – In recent months, many attempts at infection have occurred via malicious links sent by friends in WhatsApp. 

3. Use only password protected networks – Networks that do not request passwords are riskier – because they allow easier access to hackers – and so it is advisable to use only networks with passwords that offer some type of encryption.

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