New bill wants to ban mobile phone use at work


New bill wants to ban mobile phone use at work:

After new controversial of Labor Reform, a new bill has been approved which cause noise in the Brazil, bill is about to ban the use of Smartphone usage during office timing or working time and the device should use for emergency purpose unless.

Bill is presented last Thursday, 9/11, PL 9066/2017 it is authored by federal deputy Heuler Cruvinel (PSD-GO) and states the following: “It is prohibited to use portable electronic devices including personal cellular device during the journey of work.”

‘Lack of attention’

Bill features, that the use of Smartphone in working area causes a lack of attention by employee on their work. And according to deputy alleges said that “every day we use see the usage of Smartphone which cause the lack of attention”.


Bill also have the punishment after being violation by the rule of this bill, it may be the warning, suspension or may just cause the jobless for employee after being violation to the rule. Currently, PL 9066 awaits dispatch by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ).

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