New app from Waze creator promises to revolutionize car maintenance


New app from Waze creator promises to revolutionize car maintenance:

Recently a new application for smartphones is released, by thi s platform company wants to revolutionize the experience of drivers for the maintenance of their cars. Which named as Engie, this software is made by Gal Aharon and Alon Hendelman in collaboration with Waze founder Uri Levine.

Originally it is founded in 2014 and is present in many cities like Israel, the United Kingdom, Spain and Mexico, and now company is starting its startup inBrazil with the promise of turning your car into a connected and intelligent vehicle to provide information and diagnostics in real time, allowing the driver knows precisely what is the problem of your car before going to the garage.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices for use, Engie’sis a free app, which works in partnership with a device called Engie OBDII (with Bluetooth connectivity), which is pre-sold on the company’s website for 59 reais for Android and 79 reais for iOS. According to the company, this OBDII system has been available on all gasoline / alcohol cars since 2002 and in most diesel vehicles as of 2005.

The new system has the ability to identify about 10,000 mechanical problems directly from the car’s on-board computer, according to company. When a system detects fault, for example, the owners of the cars also receive real-time quotes from nearby mechanics to make the repair.

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