New adapter for iPhone meets phone and battery connector


New adapter for iPhone meets phone and battery connector:

After the launch of iPhone 7, Apple start selling adapter of 3.5mm input to handset and a connector to recharge drums. And now Apple release a new adapter for iPhone series which meets phone and battery connector. Manufacture has launched in past an adapter with two lightning inputs which named as Rockstar. It is available on Apple store in US for sell with cost of $ 35.

The manufacturer said that “the Lightning connector in the new adapter can only be used for only data synchronization and battery recharging”. That’s why, it’s not possible to use two headphones with the new product, using the 3.5mm and Lightning inputs.


The new version of the adapter not available in Apple Store of Brazilian market. Its previous version is available with two lightning ports with price of 380 reais in Brazilian market.

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