Nebula Capsule: The World’s Most Advanced Pocket Cinema


Nebula Capsule: The World’s Most Advanced Pocket Cinema: 

Now day people are spending more time with their Smartphones, Even for watching movies and season But with smartphone we cant get best experience with our mobile, but having big screens and powerful sound too. will makes user a good experience. So here come the Nebula Capsule, which is word most Advanced and mini pocket Cinema. Which can be easily adjust and also user can take it to any where with ease.

Nebula runs on Android 7.0 to play content from your playlist like (Netflix and YouTube)and also for video streaming, and make a mirror of your phones screen to create a big detailed picture up to 100 inches.

It has stunning image quality with also 360 degree speakers, 2.5hr battery life, it’s a small like soda can, and it can adjust any where like while laying you can set it to the rouf of your room to watch easily, for going for trip and picnic well entertain you and also much more like it can attach to any kind of device, as you can see in image below:

Extended Playtime and Quick Charge Technology

Nebula has come with Ankers advanced battery technology, which can deliver up to 2.5 hour of contineous video and 40 hour for non stop music in just single charge.

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