Mobile shopping should grow on Black Friday 2017 in Brazil


Mobile shopping should grow on Black Friday 2017 in Brazil:

Black Friday is expected to grow at large scale on Smartphone’s which will held in November 24, this news comes from the Google and Ibope. Research also shows that, about 31% of desktop user has been migrated to Smartphone and will access to the Black frday 2017, the number is less in previous year 2016.

Research also point out the importance of Smartphone’s according to Black Friday 2017. Because about 38% of users said that they will do purchases using their Smartphone’s. And the number last year was 27%.

Minor expense

The number of customers are in big number which have the intention to buy at Black Friday since last year, about 87% candidate pretend that they will do purchase in Black Friday.


According to Google and Ibope, the research done with the partnership with two big giants in Brazil. the survey in question was conducted between 27/10 and 4/11 with a total of 1211 Internet users, with the aged between 18 and 55 years, main regions of the country (Greater SP and Interior, Rio de Janeiro , Porto Alegre, Recife, Salvador), of classes A, B and C and who usually make purchases online (they did at least one in the 6 months prior to the survey).

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