Microsoft starts selling Xbox One S in Brazil for $ 2,200


Microsoft starts selling Xbox One S in Brazil for $ 2,200:

Recently Microsoft announced to sell Xbox one S in Brazilian market with the starting price of $ 2,200 on 22 of September. The new Xbox one S is smaller than Xbox one X about 40% and it also support 4K video and HDR games like Xbox one X.

Company will launch Xbox one S in two different bundles one with Forza Horizon 3 and second with Mine-craft games. And each bundle costs of 2,200 reais in Brazilian market.

This Xbox one S is originally announced at E3 2016 games show which held in UK, with the price of $ 280 to $300 in the US market.

In Bazil this product will launch soon, as Company Microsoft announced to launch the selling of Xbox one S with two different bundles.

  1. Forza Horizon 3
  2. Mine-craft games

People of Brazil are waiting for Xbox new console to enjoy new gaming experience with 4k ultra HD screen; it will fun more with HD screen because every gamer want to play in 4K screen.

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