Microsoft releases new Windows 10 S for developer testing


Microsoft releases new Windows 10 S for developer testing:

Microsoft release the Window 10 s for testing by developers, MDSN and subscriber will download the software to test on Window 10 S. It in release in May with student-focused which allow to use apps downloaded from Microsoft store. Companies are expecting through developer to perform it right on education focused on the new system. Director of Window 10 S tells four different aspects of “S” of Window 10 S named as super performance, soul of window 10 s, Simple and soul and superb.

Satya Nadella the CEO of the Microsoft tells that “New technologies will make life easier than early for student and for teacher to make creative minds”

Window RT and Window 10 S also run on traditional x86 based desktop software. But the software needed to be bundled in store app. Dialog box will open if you run software, in which an alternative way and a suggestion. Teacher can access to store to install Window 10 S for pro use for device, and to comment about the Windows.

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