Microsoft releases free programming course for youth in Brazil


Microsoft releases free programming course for youth in Brazil:

Microsoft in the recent year is look like that company is interesting with Brazil that’s why it making ease for the people of Brazilians. On October 30 company make an announcement about the launch of new edition of its EuPossoPrograms, which have goal to generate new platforms for digital inclusion, employability and entrepreneurship for the youth of Brazil.

In its fourth edition, campaign features new content like, My Web Page, which help in the learning of HTML and basics of programming so at the end of this course participant can create their own website and can publish using Microsoft Cloud. Courses are available free at the official EuPossoProgram,

New Content

New fourth edition consist of seven layers, which is divided by the basic of development of HTML, or other language which helps in the creating a new website. Despite this there are three other online learning materials, the first one named as code time. And it’s worth that all courses offer online certificates for the students.

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