Microsoft Introduces New Windows 10 Pro Workstations


Microsoft Introduces New Windows 10 Pro Workstations:

Company Microsoft recently in past day released a new version of window 10 operating system. Microsoft is providing their best to the world, it most usable Window ever is Window 7 which is almost running in present about 50% of computers, we also update about this in our article in past. Company announced on Friday 11/8.

This platform is provide to take window 10 to advanced and for professional use which easily work on powerful machines with additional processors and multiple numbers of RAM.

Company also bring some important changes in its which is, it enables ReFS (Resilient File System) by default which supports nonvolatile memory modules only, Remote Access Direct Access, which also supports chips (Intel, Xeon and AMD operators) with four physical CPUs and 6TB of RAM.

According to company the new Window 10 pro workstation will released in the last of this year along with Fall Creators Updates.

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