Microsoft Edge will block Flash by default soon


From Creator’s Update, which arrives in 2017, Microsoft’s browser will block the Adobe plug-in by default.

Microsoft is one more company putting a nail into the coffin of Flash Player. That’s because your Edge browser will soon adopt HTML5 by default instead of Adobe’s technology, which will be blocked automatically.

As a result, Microsoft Edge users, the successor to Internet Explorer in Windows 10, will have the option to decide whether or not to load Flash on a particular web page.

At first, the Redmond company will allow the most popular sites that use Flash to be removed from this automatic block. Over time, the expectation is that this list of “spared” pages will decrease as users increase their control over whether or not to use Flash.

The update with this news comes soon to the preview of Windows 10 by the program Insider. Already the stable version of the tool will reach the general public only in early 2017 with the awaited Creator’s Update.

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