Microsoft certifications MTA to DBA and MCSE Data Management and Analytics


Microsoft having good efforts in terms of educate people in IT section. It offers many certifications for beginners and experts.

Here is path of MTA to DBA and MCSE

MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

MTA validates building-block technology concept and helps students explore, discover and pursue successful careers in Information Technology (IT) in an exciting and rewarding way! As the first step in the Microsoft Technology Certification Series, this new, entry-level certification provides students with confidence, credibility, and differentiation.


Explore IT career options without committing a lot of time and resources MTA exams validate the core technology knowledge that is in demand today by businesses around the world. Whether you want to explore becoming a network administrator, software engineer, web developer, or database analyst, MTA gets you started on the right path.


Prepare to compete A little investment in IT can go a long way in today’s job market. Becoming MTA certified helps you build a solid foundation to prepare for intermediate technology studies and for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications. It can also help you compete on college admissions and jumpstart your IT career planning!


Empower yourself As the first step toward becoming an MCTS, MTA shows your commitment to technology while connecting you with a community of more than five million Microsoft Certified Professionals. Learn from them and show them what you know by becoming MTA certified! This MTA Student Study Guide serves as a study tool to help students prepare for their MTA certification exam. Students are challenged with real-life situations for each of the major topics covered in the exam. Although successful completion of the study guide exercises does not guarantee that you will pass your MTA exam, it is an excellent way to gauge your readiness to take the exam and build confidence that you know your stuff on exam day. I wish you all the best as you prepare for a successful career in technology!


There are two type of MTA

MTA Database

MTA Developer


You must have to select the MTA Database.

After pass MTA you will have to pass to exams according to your specifications.

One is Exam 70-764

Second is Exam 70-763


After passing these exams you will be a DBA and after that you have pass the last and final exam that lead to you in expert level this exam is MCSE.


Exam name and their codes::

MTA    – 98-364

Exa1    – 70-764

Exa2    – 70-765

Expert  – 70-464


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