Mercedes-Benz will invest US $ 1bn to make all of its vehicles electrified


Mercedes-Benz will invest US $ 1 billion to make all of its vehicles electrified:

According to company of automobile Mercedes-Benz will invest in future of US $ 1bn to make its entire vehicle electrified. The owner of Mercedes-Benz invests 1bn to turn all its cars into hybrid which will run on totally electricity in the year 2020 coming.

According to company all the new vehicle electrified line will be manufactured in the US factory in Alabama. Till company will manufacture its electric cars also in its region Germany, Daimler is expert in the production of electrified SUVs. It also state that this all new vehicle will not fully electrified but in which all electric motor will use to vanish to consumption of petrol and diesel which cause our environment populated day by day. Daimler will manufacture batteries, combination of both efforts will make a great result for company and also company will compete Tesla in new market of electrified vehicle. Many companies are struggle to get secure the feature of electrified mobility, Tesla is making this tech secure in their hands that’s why they manage a bus which can trail about 1750 mile in a single charge, which is great effort by team.

In the year of 2015 Ford announce to invest $ 4.5 billion for the production of eclectic vehicles, and after that Volkswagen also plan similar, and this year Volvo cars also invest 1 million, and the Brand of British Jaguar Land Rover also announced that from 2020 all its vehicle will be fully electrified.

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