Meet the two most pointless phones of 2017


Meet the two most pointless phones of 2017:

The year two new and big size screen mobile is released with Hugh supports in 2017. The new trend to put large LCDs in mobile phones from the companies. Yes we are talking about Samsung and Apple mobile brands, which is recently launch their products with great specifications and designs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the failure of Galaxy Note 7, company is in bad situation to think about a new smart-phone and also giving series a new phablet. But despite this company think out from the box and thinking about the new series of Galaxy Note series named as Note 8, making it beautiful and user friendly with specs so people can buy it with no worries. In Note 8 screen is little bit bigger than Note 7. Even then, it would have been reasonable as a bigger option if it weren’t for one more fact — one introduced by Samsung itself, the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

The Plus version of Note 8 Plus comes with little more specs form Note 8 also with bigger screen size. You can compare the specs of Note 8 and Note 8 Plus from our website, specs of mobiles is available. Overall the Note 8 and Note 8+ are same, with screen size, camera and stylus differences.

There are only three major differences in both Smart-Phones:

  • Camera: Note 8 has same camera as Galaxy S8+ but it has 12 MP of secondary with telephoto lens, lossless zoom.
  • Stylus: The stylus is an integral part of the Note 8 and probably the only reason a person should buy the phone. However, is it really worth the extra money? Not many people I know have bought a Note for its stylus.
    The stylus sounds like more of a luxury than a necessity.
  • RAM: The Note 8 has 6 GB of RAM, and Galaxy S8+’s 4 GB. For a phone, 4 GB is already considered overkill.

Now comes the worst part about the Note 8 — the price tag. The phablet retails for $930, around $80 more than the Galaxy S8+. If you’re in Pakistan, that price gap is likely going to be even bigger, especially considering that the Note 8 was just released.

iPhone 8

Apple also release its new two new products iPhone 8 (8+) and iPhoneX. iPhone 8 comes with great body design and less weight , it is nearly bezel less. Before this, feature is not present in any phone.

iPhone has a great brand, people want to but even if they purcahase their kidneys too.

But with the iPhone 8, there is really no point buying because as soon as it was released, there was already a much better choice — the iPhone X. Nobody is going to fawn over the 8, with its giant last-gen bezels and a design that is already a bit on the dated side.

Reasons why iPhone is pointless:

  • There is a better option — the iPhone X (If you only want the best iPhone and are willing to spend 2x the money you would on an arguably better bezel-less phone – Xiaomi Mi Mix 2)
  • It looks and feels exactly the same as the iPhone 7 (including the giant bezels).
  • If you are going to buy the cheaper iPhone, you may as well buy the iPhone 7 which now costs $549 ($150 cheaper than the cheapest iPhone 8 and would feel almost the same.

Final Remarks

Both Mobile have their own making styles, both have non common from each others, now let’s see who will sells more in market. Both mobile companies are rival each other and hoping to beat other in market.

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