What are the main obstacles to getting approved for a job?


What are the main obstacles to getting approved for a job?

Today With high competition most of us have the same problem to get approved for the job, students are increasingly attentive to the demands of the market and seek to specialize. But, many of them do not get a chance. To understand the perception of the young people about this scenario, the Brazilian Nucleus of Stages – Cloud did a research with the following question: “Why is it so difficult to be approved for a vacancy?” The result pointed to high demand and low supply.

The survey took place between December 11 and 22, in last year 2017. Survey had the participation of 1,994 respondents. The studied age range between 15 to 26 years, with people from all over Brazil. Two of the alternatives concentrated the largest number of votes. Thus, 36.81%, or 734 respondents, attributed the complexity to the fact that “number of vacancies is small” and another 34.05% (679) said “there is high competition and very qualified candidates.”

Currently, according to data from the Inep / MEC, there are 17.6 million students in the country; however, according to information from the Brazilian Association of Internships (Abres), only 1 million students can do internships.

Chief of survey said that “The Brazilian economy has gone through a period of recession, generating above average interest rates and inflation. Today, 12.9% of the Brazilians found themselves unemployed. These indexes were similar to 1991, during the Collor Plan,”

In another interview he said “Therefore, it is up to each one to seize the moment and dedicate himself to the conquest of his position of success”.

Do Companies Require Too Much?

Finally, to 8.78% (175), “selective processes are very strict”. Who has difficulties in the dynamics, the advice is to be sincere and to invest in the personal marketing. “This is the chance to show off and stand out from the crowd. So it is advisable to face the occasion with frankness and tranquility, “concludes Jessica.

In short, company requires too much work for single payment that why many of them didn’t satisfy to do their work for that company.

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