List of sms packages of Ufone


List of sms packages of Ufone

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone provide a customer Good sms package which include daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, nightly, fortnightly and 45 days of sms packages. Price, subscription code and validity are in detailed below:

Ufone Daily SMS Packages

  Packages Subscription No. of SMS Validity SMS ‘Sub’ to
  Ufone Daily Rs. 3.99 + tax      1,500    24 Hours         605
*Ufone Daily         On-net Rs. 2 + tax        500    24 Hours         611
 Ufone Uth         Daily Rs. 1.99 + tax        600    24 Hours         612
  1. In daily ufone sms packge it valid only for ufone to ufone users.

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

Detail of weekly sms package of Ufone:

  Subscription   No of SMS   SMS “sub” to    Vadiltidy
     Rs 10 + tax        1,200            608       07 Days

Ufone 15 Days or Fortnightly Package

Ufone offers  15 day sms bundle with 10,000 sms. Other detailed below:

    Subscription      No of SMS    SMS “sub” to       Vadiltidy
       Rs 30 + tax           1,200              603          14 Days
  1. This package is applicable only for Uht package customers.


Ufone Monthly Unlimited Package

Ufone provide unlimited sms bundle in monthly package.

   Subscription     No of SMS    SMS “sub” to       Vadiltidy
      Rs. 80 + tax         20,000              607         30 Days

Ufone Monthly Uth FnF Package

In Uth FnF package it provide unlimted sms validity of  monthly.

    Subscription        No of SMS     SMS “sub” to      Vadiltidy
       Rs. 5 + tax         Unlimited               604         30 Days


Ufone Yearly SMS Package

In yearly sms package of Ufone provide unlimited sms.

    Subscription        No of SMS     SMS “sub” to        Vadiltidy
     Rs. 666 + tax         Unlimited               601            1 Year

Ufone Night SMS Package (12 AM to 8 AM)

Ufone also offer a night sms package from 12 am to 8 am.

    Subscription     No of SMS     SMS “sub” to        Vadiltidy
       Rs. 1 + tax             300               609          8 Hour



Ufone 45 Days SMS Package

Detail of ufone 45 day sms package are below.

     Subscription      No of SMS     SMS “sub” to       Vadiltidy
       Rs. 99 + tax         30,000               614          45 days

Ufone Postpay SMS Package

       Subscription        No of SMS       SMS “sub” to            Vadiltidy
         Rs. 150 + tax           10,000                  610              1 month
  •   Unsub this offer by send a sms to “sub” and send it to 8610.
  • This offer is only for postpay packages.
  • You can also check remaining sms by sending a blank   message  to 8606.

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