Linux Foundation Launches Open Communication Project in the Cloud


Linux Foundation Launches Open Communication Project in the Cloud:

New come from the Linux company, company is founded a new collaborative project this week which known as OpenMessaging.the idea to provide and open standard, form a neutral vendor do disturbution and transmission of messages in the cloud.

According to projects documents, it states “this project includes the establishment of industry guidelines and messaging, transmission specifications to provide a common framework for the finance, e-commerce, IoT and big data area,” states the project document”. There are also many verious messaging standards and protocols which is using toady, but the most relaibe and existing solution do not fit in many businesses. According to the creater of this project it to build an open, simple and interoperable way or platform that give benefits from contributions.

OpenMessaging are Verizon’s Oath business unit, it includes AOL and Yahoo operations, Alibaba, Didi Chuxing, a Uber competitor in China, and Streamlio.  Oath recently reveal  that it was discontinuing its AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) platform.

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