LG Smartphone comes with mosquito’s repellent technology


LG Smartphone comes with mosquito’s repellent technology:

News come from Indian market that LG recently launched it new Smartphone K7i which has mosquito’s repellent technology, according to company device uses ultrasonic waves to repeal mosquitoes. This device form LG hit the market with great figure, just because of this new feature which is added by first time in Smartphone ever by any company. That why K7i is exclusively sold in India. According to company this feature named as Mosquito Away.

This new feature uses ultrasonic waves sound to ward off mosquitoes from you. Company also reveals that this feature is available in other LG products like TVs and washing machine. The technology in question is contested by different parties, having been called “myth” by BBC network.

Well in coming day you can also see the full feature of this new device LG k7i from our website, but here is the short spec of LG K7i new Smartphone.

5 inches of screen, Quad core processor which runs on Android Marshmallow with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage this is general spec of device from the manufacturer with the cost of $ 121 in market.

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