LG bets on artificial intelligence as differential of V30S ThinQ


LG bets on artificial intelligence as differential of V30S ThinQ:

LG is starting to do different things about the launching of their new smartphone. If you were expecting a new top of the line company at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, ​​you had your wish met. Recently South Korean manufacturer introduced the ThinQ V30S, which updates the V30 smarter rather than with new specs.

The V30S has the same screen, chip, battery and camera of the V30, but in this version company expand the RAM memory to 6GB and storage for 128GB. Come in two new colors: Platinum Gray and Moroccan Blue. But these minor changes are not enough for a new model. To justify the name of the device (ThinQ), LG gave the V30 some new skills thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The new AI features only enhance one of your best parts: the camera. It’s still unclear if an algorithm can make a big difference between the V30 and the V30S, but assuming the new model will not cost much more than the original, it’s definitely worth a wait if you were thinking of buying the LGV30.

More intelligent

From last year LG, the G6 and the V30 are still waiting for the upgrade to Android Oreo; the new V30S will hit the market with the latest version of Google’s mobile system and android version. But the updated User Interface (UI) is not the only new feature of the device: LG also filled in it an AI ​​device.

The new V30S also as great as V30 but it come with more efficient, you’ll see LG’s AI Cam in action as it analyzes the scene and identifies what’s in the image. Once you figure out what you’re looking at, the tool will recommend the most appropriate way to capture images based on color, lighting, and saturation levels. That’s the best feature for photographer lovers.

Lets suppose,  if you are taking a photo of a any  dish to publish on social media, Vision AI will probably select Food mode, or if you are pointing the camera to a building, City mode presumably will be more appropriate. The most useful option among all seems to be the Bright mode, which uses the algorithm to double the brightness level in low light images without increasing noise.

Smartphone-specific AI features are not new, but unlike handsets like Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which includes a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) dedicated to “doing its magic,” the V30S relies solely on software. To do so, the company has adopted EyeEm’s Vision technology, which runs locally on the V30S and uses more than 1,000 categories of images to perform its analyzes.

It is not yet clear when the V30S will cost or when it will be released, but LG said it expects the international launch to take place next month.

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