Lenovo makes deal and will pay $ 3.5 million for the Super-fish scandal


Lenovo makes deal and will pay $ 3.5 million for the Super-fish scandal:

More than two years after the Super-fish scandal, Asian maker (Lenovo) agreed to pay $ 3.5 million for the installation of controversial adware program on laptops in between September 2017 to January 2015. Agreement is announced on last Wednesday with the group on 32 US attorney general working on Super-fish case, a new bloat-ware is design to count the populate the product of ads into search result that has left millions of PCs manufacturer to attack because of way they handled to security certification.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said that “no one have to worry about the software problem, it will leave them vulnerable to hackers. Agreement will reform Lenovo policies to prevent problems in future”.

Few day Lenovo has closed the agreement on US case with FTC, while FTC promise to clearly tells user about any pre-installed software. For the requesting consent use of such programs.

Remind the case:

Suepr-fish case will came to fruition of Feb 2015, Lenovo made mistake and apologize for that problems.

Peter Hortensius the CTO of Lenovo at that time said that “Thinking now, we feel strongly that we have made a significant mistake here, or let something happen. We have procedures … where we asked the right questions, but clearly we did not do a complete job on that. And let’s do a very thorough investigation into what we do to make it better. We want to make it better, and allow our users to have a voice in what we need to do … and how we make sure we do not repeat that again”.

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