Learn the new features of Android Oreo


Learn the new features of Android Oreo:

Google release the new feature of Android 8.0 Oreo on Monday 21/8, according to company new version contains picture-in-picture mode and it will replace to Android Nougat 7. This released recent year.

Release date of Oreo Android 8.0 is 21 of August and Oreo is made the Mountain View Company through Android open source project, Oreo is available today in market. Smartphone Company Nexus and Pixel are planning to launch Oreo in their upcoming Smartphone’s.

New Features:

As other Google update every version with new and extra feature from the older one tom give user a best usability, and in this feature of Oreo 8.0 Company update a lot of new features which can compatible to Smartphone.

The new feature contains in it, Picture-to-Picture mode, this mode allows user to do a standard works on it, like listening music and play games, writing message and browsing web, watching video and make video calls.

The new feature of Oreo show the notification point which come in the icon in your mobile app it is make to inform quickly to user, simply it interaction  with user with notifications also include security quality, it help to find My Device, Google Play Protection also comes with longer battery life.


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