All Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be electrified from 2020


All Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be electrified from 2020

At special event Jaguar Land Rover the British Luxury Vehicle brand discuss the future mobility, Future type etc. In the opening ceremony of first jaguar Tech-Fest in London on 07/09, company announced that all of its vehicle will run on electricity (fully hybrid) and autonomous car in 2020. CEO of JLR said in his interview in the opening ceremony of Tech-Fest that “The impact of the changes we are embracing will be enormous in all sectors of our economy and in all sectors of society globally.” The opportunities are huge, including benefits for health, the end of congestion, zero accidents, no more exhaust pollution and clean air”.

This event is held to get together all the experts to discuss how to renewal automotive industry, event is hosted at central Saint Martin’s art, design and technology school in London. Tech-Fest invite more than 300 journalists, but after September 8, it will open for visitors with exhibition of JLR vehicles, in which to discuss the use of cars in future.

All JLR vehicle will be fully Hybrid after 2020 and this will also reduced to use of Petrol and diesel worldwide, this step from JLR vehicle company will give a new idea to the world, so that we can control the use of petrol and diesel but also through this step we save our nature, which is been populated by our cars smokes.

Another new feature of the company shown at Tech Fest is the Jaguar E-type Zero, a revisit of the company’s most stylish car – a model year of the 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster – in the fully electrified 21st century version. Recognized by Enzo Ferrari as the “most beautiful automobile ever produced in history”, the E-type combines for the first time the genius design with a contemporary electric motor.

The electric motor of the E-type Zero makes the car to reach 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.7 seconds. The model was developed by the engineers of Jaguar Classic, in the workshops of Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

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