Intelligent alarm clock monitors sleep and tell bed time story for childrens..!!!


Created by French startup, Remi also functions as walkie-talkie, lamp and Bluetooth speaker. Parents control functions by application on their smartphone.



A new smart alarm clock for children promises to accompany children from birth to age 10 (or more) through a variety of features, including monitoring sleep, playing music or even telling a bedtime story – as well as , See, it works as an alarm clock.

Called Remi, the device of the French company Urban Hello will be presented this week during the CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show), technology fair that takes place in Las Vegas until the next 8 January.

According to the company's spokesperson, Remi, who draws attention to the interesting design (weighing 250g and measures of 143x111x65mm) and looks nice and playful, can be used in all stages from childhood to adolescence, as baby Monitor for a baby, such as a lamp / lamp or a Bluetooth speaker that can tell stories or play songs to sleep, all properly programmed and managed by parents through a smartphone application.

Through the app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, it is possible to adjust the light intensity, exchange messages with the child (in the best style walkie talkie), monitor how the child sleeps, and choose the "face" of the alarm clock , Who can show a smile before bed and a half-angry face at the time of waking, for example.

Remi's technical specifications include ARM Cortex M4 chipset, a high-sensitivity microphone, temperature and ambient light sensors, MP3 and microSD support up to 1GB.

With the launch scheduled for April in France, Remi will have a suggested price of 99 euros. The company says it is already working to distribute the product in the US later this year.

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