Intel unveils Ice Lake, another 10-nanometer chip beyond Kaby Lake


Intel unveils Ice Lake, another 10-nanometer chip beyond Kaby Lake:

Intel recently has released Ice Lake with 10 nano meter chip are hoping to be a part of nine generation family. Also that Intel are releasing the 8 generation of processors in the next week on 21/8 Monday and company also reveal a member that may be part of 9 generation processors which is named as Ice Lake, Ice Lake is the new technology which belong to core family and the processor goes success on eight generation processors and it is made in Intel company with 10+ nano meters in this new technology.

Will Ice Lake be part of ninth generation processor, Intel follow this in “Ticking” in which it improves some minor mistakes in it. According to company Intel introduces 14 nano meters generation in 2014 to 2015 which is skylake, after this another third 14 nano meter introduces followed by Kaby Lake and plan to launch on Aug of 21 also said it a Coffee Lake. Company also plans to launch Cannon Lake the member of eight generation with first 10 nano meter chip in its road-map. Ice Lake is advanced because of “+” signs after 10+, it are combined form of Skylake and Kaby Lake. The “+” indicate the technology is totally improved and refined.

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