Intel promises 40% better performance with new eighth generation chips


Intel promises 40% better performance with new eighth generation chips:

Intel reveal the eight generation Intel Core CPU’s with quad-core processors. According to company Intel core CPU (eight generation) gives more speed and performance, it give about 40% fast performance compare to old generations.

Company didn’t reveal the prize of eight generation Core CPUs but it said that the slower Core i5-8250U run on 1.6GHz with boost of 3.4 GHz and other faster core i78650U run on 1.9 GHz with boost of 4.2 GHz. All chips are U-line shaped and every chip contains eight threads and four core in it. According to company about new 80% of computer are ready with eight generation processors and company are waiting to launch it in time in market.

About new generation it is been reveal that this new chip is updated with “Kaby Lake”. And according to company in eight generation include three separate chips with two manufacture technology with same name.

Eight generation is defined as “Coffee Lake are still contain 10-nanometer with Canon Chip and it is a part of Intel’s that why its called Eight generation core.

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