Instagram now lets you limit who comments your photos


Instagram now lets you limit who comments your photos:

Instagram release a set of new tools which combat harassment against its user in this week. This new feature give you full secure about the comments of photos. To whom you follow you can only release a comment otherwise comment section will not come, if you want to comment to whom you didn’t follow.

The flagship feature is a feature that allows any public platform user to limit who can and who cannot comment on their photos.

Now it will be possible, for example, to allow only comments from who you follow, only from those who follow you or both – it is still possible to block certain users.

Filter in Portuguese

For some languages like Portuguese, French, German and Arabic instagram release filter feature against offensive comments.

This tools release in June originally for AL and machine learning to help bar offensive comments.

Live Videos

Instagram now allow user to react those live video which hurt themselves or others, from this you can also give warning to broadcaster. Before, the app already allowed to send the warning, but the difference is that now this message will be shown during the transmission and not just after it is closed.

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