Instagram now allows real-time streaming with two users


Instagram now allows real-time streaming with two users:

Instagram is releasing yet another feature for their users, and now Instagram releases another feature on October 24, this new feature allows user to stream live on the platform with your family and friends member. But the stream lives supports just two users at real time. This feature has been in testing since August, and it allows user while running a live by instagram can invite anyone who want to join or who is watching to join them in broadcast.

Intention from company is very clear that, among other feature, is to allow the process of making a Live in the app. According to company state in novelty post that “We’ve heard from the community that doing a Live by itself can be intimidating at times”.

Screen will divide into two part equally when two people enter the broadcast together, and in transmission host can delete your partner in the transmission, which will made available for another user who wants to come.

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