HP launches PC that turns into virtual reality backpack


HP launches PC that turns into virtual reality backpack:

HP Omen X Compact Desktop was pure PC for VR in previous version, Now in its new generation it wide its range. Hp announced on 6/6 Tuesday it new generation version. In new product company emphasize on VR gaming with some special powers of a backpack. According to company it will release on July with the starting price of $ 2,500 with great specs.

In this cost company also provides high specs, 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake quad-core Core i7 mobile processor, GeForce GTX 1080 factory overclocked GPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM and with 1TB of PCIe SSD storage. Inputs PC include with four USB-A ports with USB 3.1 Type C/ Thunderbolt 3, combo of audio inputs, mini Display-Ports, HDMI 2.0, Ethernet, and USB-C and with Vive Power Connector for VR headsets.

To convert complete VR gaming machine you need to add optional backpack holder which cost $ 600. Backpack come with four batteries, a battery recharging dock and a shorter headset cable for HTC vive. The batteries can be easily changed of backpack, for one hour you can use 2 of them. But to play VR game you need whole battery recharge fully which can weight about under 4.5kg.

Why does it matter?

It matters a lot because Dock allows PC to act more versatile while playing VR games.

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