How To use Google Allo on your smartphone


How To use Google Allo on your smartphone:

Google has released chatting app “Allo”which is available on the store for downloads. Here we will tell you about the use of Allo in smartphones just chat with your computer by putting mobile phone down. If you know about Google Assistant which allows you to chat in your computer through Allo, it is similar as Apple Siri and Alexa Amazons.

Google Assistant is makes you update about news, weather updates and reminds about GIFs and jokes. And in Allo you just write it instead of using your voice command. According to Google, company has said that the website will work only with Android Allo users and also support iOS user in upcoming days.

Connect to a computer

  • Visit Allo website on your computer.
  • Open the Allo app on your smart phone got to the menu and touch on to Allow for Web.
  • Just scan QR code that appears on PC using by Smart phone.

Remove a computer

When once you connected your PC, Allo website will load all your messages conversation list when you uses Allo website any time. Or if you want to sign out you just need some few tips below:

  • Open Allo app on your smart phone.
  • Go to the menu and select option Allo for web.
  • Press the trash icon next to the browser(s) you want to remove, that confirms you that you want to sign up.

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