Honda presents robot – rescue that can climb stairs and handle rain


Honda presents robot – rescue that can climb stairs and handle rain:

Recently Honda reveal a video of its new prototype, with new metal humanoid last week which named as E2-DR. according to company the purpose of making this new prototype is to use it in emergency like rescue operation or simply work on nature hit by disasters. The news of humanoid was first reveal in 2016 in an academic stairs, company working so long to come this stage, to give a skilled robot which can climb up through stairs, walk-in narrow spaces, walk under uneven floors and even can tolerate rain for 20 minutes.

 Robot runs on a powerful battery of lithium-ion that provide robot a 90 minutes nonstop power, it also have Intel core-i7 CPU which cooled by air ducts and internal fans inside the torso of the robot.

This robot come in fully package for rescue, in its both hand are equip with camera and 3D sensors and also have ability to grab object to move it on. And company said about this robot that “it is made to use through autonomously or remotely”.

Honda didn’t reveal the release date of its new prototype robot in market, and company says that in robot there is a lot of work to do before launching it in market. here you can watch the demonstration of Honda Robot.

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