Help Victims of the Syrian War Over the Internet


We have put together few practical ways of supporting the victims of the war in Syria for almost 6 years; Donations, information and support are among them.

The war in Syria is moving into its sixth year and the balance of the conflict places it as one of the greatest tragedies in the recent history of mankind. 

According to the UN, more than 400,000 people have been killed and around 5 million citizens have been forced to leave their homes. 

Aleppo, the main area affected by the war, was once Syria’s largest financial and industrial center, with a population of 2.3 million. Images of complete destruction, shelling in schools and hospitals and reports that women preferred to take their own lives out of fear of being captured and raped by the forces of the Bashar al-Assad regime outraged the world.  

Faced with an unimaginable scenario of horror and despair, we wonder what can be done to help a reality that reinforces our sense of helplessness. 

Here are some practical ways to contribute to the victims of war within reach of your computer. 

1. Stay Informed 

The crisis that plagues Syria is a complex puzzle. The dictator Bashar Al-Assad has been in power for more than 13 years, having received the post of his father, in charge of the country for 30 years. 

The country has been waging a bloody struggle for its democracy since 2011. The government attacked civilians and rebels using army forces and the opposition also armed themselves, waging war. 

The entry of the Islamic State further weakened the Syrian territory, with the terrorist group having invaded some cities. The city of Palmira, in the center of Syria, considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco, was taken and destroyed by the EI. 

Conflict analysts have already told the media they can not envisage a way out or even a prosperous future for Syria. In such a fragmented and complex context, it is important to keep informed and engage close people about the reality of victims and confrontations. 

Documentaries and news available on the Internet can give you way better look at context on the subject. Netflix released a report this year on the work of the “White Helmets,” an organization that seeks and rescues victims in areas controlled by rebel groups in Syria. In addition to documentaries, social networks have been the channel for many Syrians to expose the horrors of war to the world. Bana Alabed, a seven-year-old girl, with the help of her mother, activist Lina Al-Shami, caught the attention of the world in talking about the destruction of Aleppo in her @AlabedBana account on Twitter. 

With its 360,000 followers, the girl has become a symbol of the tragedy of the civil war. Bana and her family were able to leave the Syrian city during the prescribed ceasefire agreement and they are currently in Turkey safe but still worried for their homeland.

2. Support White Helmets 

According to the site of the Syrian volunteer organization, they have saved more than 73,000 lives since 2013. Volunteers are often the first to reach the bombed sites and aid in the rescue and medical care of victims of the civil war. 

His work was a candidate for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. Donations can be made through the “White Helmets” website. With five dollars, you can cover a pair of safety goggles for volunteers, while $ 89 goes to pay for a first aid kit. Donations also cover larger equipment and medical care from the volunteers themselves who risk saving the victims. 

3. Help the International Red Cross Movement 

The organization helps with the withdrawal of wounded civilians from the regions most susceptible to bombardment, especially in Aleppo. You can support their efforts by donating.

4. Assist the International Rescue Committee  

Responsible for assisting people fleeing wars around the world, including Syrian refugees. You can contribute with donations through the official site.

5. Help Save The Children  

The NGO helps children and their families escape conflicts. Among the volunteer work the institution covers are the supply of supplies, including food and medical kits. In addition, Save the Children has focused its efforts on protection and education programs for children in Aleppo impacted by the civil war.

6. Support Doctors Without Borders 

The organization supports eight hospitals in eastern Aleppo by providing medical supplies. MSF also maintains six medical facilities in northern Syria and supports more than 150 hospitals and health centers across the country, many of them in besieged areas. Donations are essential to continue the work of the NGO. Learn how to help through the site . 

7. Support refugees 

The war has caused the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis in the last 70 years. The estimate is that at least 5 million Syrians have left the country in search of survival. According to the International Organization for Migration, at least 3,370 refugees, many of them from Syria, drowned in 2015 in trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean. 

In 2013, the government of Dilma Roussef began to facilitate the entry of Syrians by allowing them to travel to the country with a special visa, easier to obtain. Modality also extended to Haitians. Since then, some 2,000 Syrian citizens have arrived in the country. The Brazilian initiative was considered exemplary by UNHCR (UN refugee agency). However,  the current government of Michel Temer follows new restrictive stance regarding the reception of foreigners, having suspended negotiations held with the European Union.

One way to help refugees in Brazil is to value initiatives, for example, to help in their reception and integration. Platforms like Migraflix are committed to helping refugees by giving prominence to them..

And do you know any other way to help the victims of the war in Syria? Leave your suggestion in the comments.

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