HBO Go Failures Annoy Game of Thrones Fans for Next Week


HBO Go Failures Annoy Game of Thrones Fans for Next Week:

As Game of Thrones being faced problem while streaming form HBO Go then HBO solve it technical problem, but now the fans is been facing from because the Failure of HBO Go. Report from the fans is come that they are not able to see new episode of new Season of Game of Thrones. Problem is start in the evening of 6/8 on Sunday, well it is not cleared by the company that its technical issue or something else and they didn’t tells that when they will fix that problem.

HBO Go is gone off-air from many countries include Brazil. Fans express their frustration against this problem using social media Apps facebook, twitter etc.

At the end HBO Go is saying just that they are working for solution for long term just be patient we will provide our best.

Rival of HBO Go Netflix is reached in top position because of bad streaming problem in his sites. They really need a long term solution for their problems.



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