Hackers invade Twitter from Sony and announce false death of Britney Spears


The label’s account was invaded on Monday. OurMine Group was attributed to account hijacking, but denied responsibility for the rumor

On Monday morning (26), the Twitter account of the music company Sony Music worried fans of Britney Spears when it falsely announced that the singer “had died in an accident”. 

“Britney Spears died in an accident. We’ll tell you more soon, “said the tweet. The account of Bob Dylan, managed by Sony, also went on to publish “RIP @britneyspears”, followed by an emoji with sad expression.

Sony, which is not Britney Spears’ label, said in a statement that her social network account had been compromised and apologized to the singer and fans for “any confusion.” The tweets in question have been deleted.

Shortly after the release of the news about Spears’ fake death, the group of hackers known as OurMine posted two tweets to the Sony Music account. One of them said: “We saw a new IP connected to the account a few minutes ago and Tweet is published by a new IP so @britneyspears is still alive #OurMine.”

The group is the same person who claimed to have hacked into social networking accounts for CEOs of major technology companies including Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Sundar Pichai, Google, John Hanke, Niantic, creator of “Pokémon Go”, and Jack Dorsey, from Twitter.

In previous invasions, OurMine warned that the victims of their accounts had loopholes to exploit and even claimed that it used brute-force attacks to kidnap accounts.

However, CBS News, which has been in contact with the hacker collective since the incident on Monday, reports that the group declined to take responsibility for the initial tweet about Spears’ death, although she admitted entering the account after The tweet was sent.

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