Hackers invade systems of energy companies in the US and Europe


Hackers invade systems of energy companies in the US and Europe:

According to news from company Symantec in US, Switzerland and in Turkey, hacker is able to hack the power station systems. Hacker wants to hack through phishing campaigns company has received a malicious links from hacker to invade corporation in US, Switzerland, Turkey and May in other country.

In some cases, the cyberspace campaign has resulted in successful invasions of the major systems that control the operations of the companies.

Cyber ​​attacks would have begun in late 2015, but campaign frequency increased in April 2017. In June of this year, the US government warned that the nuclear and energy sectors would be targeted by a phishing campaign to obtain credentials to access specific networks.

Reic chein researcher of cyber crime at Symantic tells that, the attack is orchestrated by foreign governments and have marks of groups of hacker that known as Dragonfly.

For the expert, this level of access that the hackers sought leads one to believe it was intended to sabotage the power grid.

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