GoPro unveils Hero 6 Black with 4K at 60fps and custom processor


GoPro unveils Hero 6 Black with 4K at 60fps and custom processor:

As we know that recently GoPro release it camera, company producing yet another quality camera gradually, and now GoPro also release it new product from the family of Hero which properly name as Hero 6. Initially Hero 6 will come in Black color with the ability of 4K at 60fps and also with custom processor. According to company Hero 6 is the most powerful product yet, and it has also same design as its earlier product with some more improvement in its inside hardware. This new product is waterproof up to 10 meters and 2 inches of user friendly touch screen and also with some new feature of neat voice control with the support of 10 languages for free hands operation. New Hero 6 has increase frame rate in video recording up to 4K footage at 60 frames per second which is good effort by the team of GoPro camera company, and with new processor it give a better quality video result and with digital image stabilization.

With the increase in frame rate which is 4K recording, the lower resolution video also get some backup speed in video making from device. Hero 6 has also ability to make full slow motion video with good quality result of video up to 2.7K at 120fps and 1080p at 240fps, according to company this numbers in twice time faster then it previous version. This is all for making video and for making picture with new GoPro product Hero 6, it give a still shoot with 12 MP of wide dynamic range camera mode and it picture taking mod device also support low light with better image quality. According to company it will sell at cost of $500 in the market, and you can also purchase it from it official website.

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