GoPro officially launches Fusion, its 360-degree camera


GoPro officially launches Fusion, its 360-degree camera:

Form making yet another release of it product GoPro release it new product Fusion with 360 degree camera on 28 September. This is first device from company which has feature of 360 degree camera and according to company it will cost of $ 700 in US and will available in market in November 2018. The idea of it new long awaited product is reveal by the company at CES 2016 from that time, company makes it happen for user to give them a great quality video recording in its new Fusion 360 camera.

According to company it specs are: include two lenses which can record video at 5.2K at 30 frames per second, 18MP for image capturing spherical photos and also with 360 degree with audio and voice commands, it will compatible with all the GoPro accessories. Just like its other product, this product also has water resistance feature up to 5 meter deep in water.

Additional it has sensors and connections standard in product of type like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and accelerometer and compass and gyroscope.

It highlights user ability which manipulate picture which capture with Fusion 360 degree, device has 360 degree feature that’s why company give it name as Over-Capture.

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